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Being Overweight Raises Your Chances of Developing Liver Cancer

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According to a new study, being overweight raises the risk of liver cancer. Diabetes, obesity, and a high body mass index, according to research co-author Peter Campbell, can increase your risk of liver cancer. Please continue reading to learn more about this study and its surprising findings.

What were the study’s findings?

To discover if there was a link between type 2 diabetes and liver cancer, Peter Campbell and his colleagues looked at the data of 1.57 million persons.

Obese adults had a substantially higher risk of liver cancer than people with an average Body Mass Index (BMI).

Increased waist circumference also increases the risk of liver cancer. Even after accounting for other plausible reasons, the presence of DM more than doubled the risk of liver cancer (166 percent).

What can I do to reduce my chances of developing liver cancer?

According to Dr. Archit Pandit, Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, liver cancer isn’t just linked to excessive alcohol consumption and viral hepatitis infection; obesity can also play a role. You can reduce your odds of diabetes and obesity, and thus your risk of liver cancer, by modifying your diet, exercising regularly, and staying healthy.

What significance does this have in terms of public health?

These findings are significant since type-2 diabetes and obesity are exceedingly common in India; over 5% of Indians are morbidly obese, and up to 50 million have type-2 diabetes. Other risk factors for liver cancer, such as hepatitis B or C, can raise the chance of the disease, but they are far less prevalent than obesity and diabetes.

“Along with reducing known risks such as excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis infection,” says Peter Campbell, “maintaining a healthy body weight, eating healthy, and staying physically functional to lessen the threat of diabetes may be crucial preventive methods to lower the threat; of liver cancer.”

You may take control of your future by controlling your daily behaviours, from what you eat to how much exercise you get. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit can help you avoid developing liver cancer in the future. Make an appointment with one of Delhi’s leading cancer specialists.

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