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Myths About Cancer:Does sugar cause cancer?

Welcome to the era of apps, social media, technology, INFORMATION and MISINFORMATION.There is no denying to the fact that in today’s era of internet access.We have access to good information as well exposed to a bundle of Misinformation also. We have all experienced questions like
  • Eating Sugar can cause cancer!
  • Drinking water from plastic bottles exposed to heat can cause cancer.
  • The treatment is out there but people (Big Pharma) are hiding the truth or suppressing it .
  • An alkaline diet can cure cancer .

So, in this article we try to look at the facts for you to decide on what’s good for you.

Does sugar cause cancer?

General belief :

Cancer cells require energy to multiply and hence sugar helps in cancer to spread by feeding them.

Actual Truth :

Every cell or organ in our body requires sugar to grow and so does cancer cell, but that doesn’t mean that cancer cells grow faster with sugar. Your body needs sugar to function normally. And if you deprive your body of sugar then the body starts breaking down the protein, muscle and fat for energy which is further detrimental for the body.

So what’s is really the link between sugar and cancer ?

Can we involve sugar freely in our diet? The answer to that is a BIG NO. Sugar doesn’t cause cancer but what sugar does to our waistline can cause cancer. Sugar leading to obesity and overweight can cause cancer that’s the only link between sugar and cancer, which has been misinterpreted and wrongly highlighted in the headlines often.

What is best recommended?

Eat the right sugar and the right amount of sugar in your diet along with good physical activity. Women should have no more than 6 teaspoons (25grams) and men shouldn’t have more than 9 teaspoons (37grams) of sugar per day says the American Heart association.

Try involving natural sugars whenever possible such as Honey, maple syrup and molasses as they are packed with antioxidants when compared to the normal white sugar that we have at home. But, it doesn’t mean that you cross the above-mentioned recommended amount since these natural sugar also contain the same amount of calories.

Avoid , Processed foods as they are usually high in sugar content.

Bottom line :

Sugars are an important component of your balanced diet when taken in moderate quantities however sugar leads to obesity which in turn causes cancer and other lifestyle-related diseases and hence should be avoided. Sugar doesn’t lead to cancer cell growth.

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