HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer vaccination for women)

Dr. Archit Pandit is a Gynaeconcologist, when asked about what are the queries patients have about cervical cancer vaccination he says , “most of the patients think that HPV vaccine protects against all cancers” which is a myth. HPV vaccine protects against virus (Human Papilloma Virus) which can cause cancer of not only Cervix but also Vulva, Vagina, Oral cancers and anal cancers. preventable and hence every mother should know about cervical cancer and cervical cancer HPV VACCINE to prevent this deadly cancer from ever happening. Below are the queries:

What are the symptoms of Cervical Cancer ?

Cervical cancer is usually detected late as the symptoms present late during the course of the disease. Vaginal bleeding which happens in between menstrual cycles or after menopause is the most common presentation

Cervical Cancer Treatment..

Cervical cancer treatment depends on what stage the diagnosis was made. Usually for very early disease RADICAL HYSTERECTOMY.
(Surgical removal of Uterus, with both ovaries , parametric and pelvic lymph nodes is performed . Alternately for locally advanced disease Radiotherapy with chemotherapy is done . This radiotherapy requires very specialized and precise techniques so that the side effects and collateral damage of surrounding organs can be minimized .

Does HPV Vaccine protect against all Cancers?

No, HPV vaccine prevents only against Cervical, vulva and vaginal cancers, anal cancers, oral cancers and Genital warts. It’s a false belief that one vaccine will prevent from all cancers .

What is HPV  Vaccine ?

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a virus that can cause cervical, vaginal, oral cancer and genital warts. By giving HPV vaccine we want to prevent the infection of HPV in children and hence in turn also avoid their squeal that is above mentioned cancer.

Timing and dosage of HPV Vaccination.

Vaccination should be given from 9 to 26years of age. If you are younger than 15 years old you should get two injections at least 6 months apart. If you are 15 years older you should get three injections at 0, 1, and 6 months .

I am more than 26 years of age! Can I get Vaccinated?

No, If you are more than 26 or are already sexually active then the chances of HPV infection in you is already high and HPV vaccine
Will not help. The HPV vaccine is best when the viral infection has not happened.

I have taken HPV Vaccination ! Do I still need cervical cancer screening?

YES!, Getting the HPV vaccine does not mean that you never get cervical cancer screening in the future, since the vaccine does not eliminate infections acquired prior to vaccination.

How effective is the HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancers  ?

HPV Vaccination is very effective in preventing HPV infections and in turn their squeal. It reduces risk of developing genital warts and penile HPV infections. HPV vaccination also reduces risk of anal cancer in both men and women.
HPV vaccination prevents oral HPV infection which is associated with Oropharyngeal Cancer.

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