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Dr. Archit Pandit is one of the pioneers of minimal access cancer surgery. He is amongst the first to start Laparoscopic cancer surgery in Delhi. Soon after his surgical oncology training at A.I.I.M.S he underwent rigorous training in the field of Minimal access cancer surgery not just from with in the country but abroad as well. He underwent Minimally invasive Thoracic surgery training from Korea and Laparoscopic cancer surgery for Stomach and Esophagus cancers from Japan. Laparoscopic and Robotic cancer surgery is his passion and at MAX institute of cancer Care , Shalimar Bagh Delhi, he has already performed more than 1000 Laparoscopic cancer Surgeries.

Dr. Archit Pandit is one of the Top oncologist in Delhi, He feels , Now a days more and more patients are opting for laparoscopic cancer surgery and are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of this technology .

Benefits of Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery which is also known as minimal access cancer surgery.

  1. Shorter Duration of stay in the hospital due to faster recovery.
  2. Shorter stay in ICU.
  3. Lesser chances of ventilatory support.
  4. Less blood loss.
  5. Less pain as compared to open surgery due to very small cut.
  6. Better cosmesis due to scarless or keyhole surgery.

How is laparoscopic cancer Surgery performed ?

Laparoscopic cancer surgery is a technically challenging surgery and not every surgeon is trained to do it well. 3 to 4 small cuts of approximately 4 to 5 mm in size are made on the patients abdomen . Through one of the incisions a high magnification camera is put and through other cuts the surgeon and the assistant surgeon perform the surgery . The surgery is very precise since the magnification is much more than the naked eye can see. Once the surgery is complete the tumour is extracted out of the body by making a small cut. This ensures that the patient has very less pain and lesser blood loss and early recovery .

So what does Dr. Archit Pandit has to say about Laparoscopic cancer surgery !

Dr. Archit pandit feels that many patients still feel that as compared to open surgery, laparoscopic cancer surgery is not effective or is not as radical in removing the cancer from the body as would be in open surgery , however he refutes this claim as its proven beyond doubt that for certain cancers of the body such as Uterine cancers , Esophageal cancers , stomach cancers , pancreatic cancers , colon and rectal cancers etc laparoscopic cancer surgery is better than open surgery with respect to early recovery , lesser pain and better outcomes .

He believes that its not important what method is used to do the surgery , what’s important is that the patient should be cancer free at the end of the surgery, however he feels that when the technology is getting advanced and the mobile phones are getting smarter and smaller then why shouldn’t our scars and the misery of an open cancer surgery be ended by performing laparoscopic or minimal access cancer surgery .

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